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Natural Mineral Therapies for Healthy Skin

Awakening Mineral Skincare products are formulated with natural ingredients isolated from the Dead Sea using our proprietary Mineral Hydration Factorâ„¢ (MHF) technology. We use the most concentrated, highest quality Dead Sea minerals to create Awakening's remarkable creams and lotions with exceptional healing and hydrating properties, yet without a trace of greasiness. Individually selected, bio-sourced botanical ingredients and essential oils define each product.

A set of three delightfully scented cakes of handcrafted soap: "into the Woods", "Frenchy Clay", and "SF Bay Rum". Treat your senses! Set of 3 Bars: $27.00. Reg $29.00
Six 250ml/8.45oz PUMP bottles of our magnesium-rich BODY therapy cream. A wonderfully light, though nourishing mineral body lotion with a subtle aroma of lavender, ylang ylang, citris and the Rose of Sharon.! Reg. $149.70 Promotional Price $142.22 Special Sale Price: $135.00 (9.8% Discount)

Sea Awakening Hair Cleansing & Scalp Treatment for Women & Men is an all-natural, cruelty-free, vegan therapy to keep your hair & scalp healthy. Use this luxurious cream to cleanse your hair -- it will take on incredible body! 16oz/452ml jar: $60. Promotional Price $50.

This is a wonderfully spice scented cake of handcrafted vegan soap. The main aromatic ingredient in any Bay Rum scent is West Indian Bay Tree oil. But in this version the bay tree oil is complemented with essential oils of Tangerine, Ginger and Laurel leaf. You'll love it! $9.75
The principle behind our patented SeaAwakening scalp products is: Healthy Scalp/Healthy Hair -- if the scalp is healthy, then the hair will be healthy.     Especially formulated for fthe needs of the male scalp, this special masque imparts natural magnesium to the tissue of the scalp, exfoliates dead skin cells, extracts sebum from the pores, and improves blood circulation in the outer layers of the dermis.  Reg. $76.99. Promotional Price for Set $73.14.

A delightfull and subtly lavender scented cake of handcrafted vegan soap. Activated charcoal separates strata of white kaolin clay, yielding a gentle, non-drying scrub with organic Shea Butter. The classic aroma is composed of four essential oils with a lavender top note. Treat your senses! $9.75 per bar
Six 100ml/3.4oz airless pumps of the original Awakening FEET magnesium-rich foot cream with arnica. Athletes in professional sports swear by this balm! So do world travelers. Reg. $104.40. Promotional Price $99.18 Save 5%

Sea Awakening Scalp Treatment for Men is an all-natural, cruelty-free, vegan therapy to keep your scalp and health healthy in a convenient put on/wash off regimen for the morning shower. Reg $60.00 Special $50.00

Mineral Moisture Hands Therapy in the new airless pump soothes & hydrates dry hands.  3.38oz/100ml Airless Pump  $20.00

A deliciously lemon drop scented cake of handcrafted vegan soap. Made with natural oils of lemon, lime and litsea. Our favorite! Treat your senses! $9.75

Two of Awakening's most wonderful products for skin health — Elegant FACE&Neck and health-giving Awakening BODY Cream. Extra Special Set Price $80.70

Awakening's pocket & purse-sized Lil' HANDS has returned to the market. Perfect for travel. $15.35 Special price $14.95
Six 100ml/3.4oz airless pumps of the original Awakening HANDS magnesium-rich foot cream with myrrh.  Absolutely this is Awakening's best-selling product.    Reg. $120.00.       Promotional Price $103.00

Anti-aging Mineral Moisture Therapy to nourish and tone your face and neck.  A superlative, mineral-rich, robust antioxidant cream with yerba mate, myrrh, vitamins & amino acids.  1.75oz jar: $60.00.

A delightfully woodsy scented cake of handcrafted vegan soap. Made with 5% Pine Rosin, an old-timey soap ingredient, plus essential oils of Black Spruce and Dwarf Pine. The bar initially smells a bit austere but water transforms it into a verdant adventure! Treat your senses! $9.75

Natural healing minerals (magnesium and potassium), Arnica Montana, essential oils and vitamins create this concentrated healing formula.  New 3.38oz Airless Pump Packaging.  $17.77

A Gift Set 3-Pack of Awakening's exquisitely emollient anti-oxidant cream -- Awakening FACE&Neck. Reg. $180.00 . Sale price: $171.00

NEW! A set of 4 delightfully scented cakes of handcrafted soap. Treat your senses! All four are deliciously luxurious and lather nicely to nourish & moisturize your skin! Reg Price: $39.00 Set of 4 bars is $36.00


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