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Chapped skin
Chapped skin is usually the result of excessive exposure to the elements. It can be extremely painful and can make your outdoor activities difficult if not impossible. If you work outside, or if you play outside, especially in the ocean or in the mountains, then you're probably no stranger to chapped skin. Skiers, snowboarders, hikers, runners water sports enthusiasts of every stripe suffer from chapped skin. Some people actually just live with it, because they're committed to a lifestyle out in the elements. If you've been suffering from chapped skin for a long time, you've probably searched long and hard for a good skin care product that can soothe and heal your over-exposed skin.

Well, you're in luck: Awakening Dead Sea Skin Care and Mineral Therapy makes the best chapped skin relief products on the market. Whether you've been exposed to wind, cold weather, wet weather, sunshine or lots of climactic changes, you will find a level of soothing relief for your chapped skin that you probably never thought possible. Our Mineral Moisture Factorâ„¢ guarantees that the purest Dead Sea minerals in the world will deliver maximum moisturizing and healing directly to your deep skin layers. Awakening BODY is a premier Dead Sea chapped skin relief cream, which will have you BODY has an SPF of 12, making it an excellent every day mineral sunblock.