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Teen Skin
Teen skin problems, including acne, are the result of normal hormonal changes that all teens experience. Unfortunately, some teen skin is more affected than others by these changes. Many teens use over-the-counter or even prescription acne medications, but find that they simply don't work for controlling outbreaks. In many cases, these harsh acne medications can actually damage the skin through chemical over-drying. For teens who have a lot of trouble with oily skin and acne, controlling outbreaks requires a balance of diet, rest, and good skin care practices.

Awakening MUDFACE Dead Sea mud masque and Awakening SKIN Dead Sea skin cream, when used together, create a healthy cleansing and grease-free moisturizing program that supports healthy teen skin and can help enormously to control acne. Use MUDFACE as a masque or scrub, and it becomes a powerful all natural acne treatment. It is rich in Dead Sea mud — perhaps the world's best natural facial cleanser, and it contains zinc oxide, which is a powerful acne fighting ingredient. MUDFACE exfoliates and pulls oil from facial pores, and refreshes your face with extracts of chamomile, lemon and tea tree. After rinsing the masque from your face, apply just a small drop of Awakening BODY Dead Sea mineral cream to restore a silky texture and to nourish your skin cells to regenerate.

"I have very bad acne and it's rare to find a mask that really makes a difference. I think you have made the perfect product :-) Thank you!" — Caitlin N.