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Gift sets are a super way to obtain a broad selection of mineral skin care in an attractive cello-bag presentation tied off with a small gold bow!
We offer different gift sets at different times of the year, so if you see something you like, better hurry because it may change at any time.

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HANDCRAFTED VEGAN SOAP SET "Into the Woods", "Frenchy Clay" & "S.F. Bay Rum"

A set of three delightfully scented cakes of handcrafted soap. Treat your senses! Reg Price: $29.25 Set of 3 is $24.95

HANDCRAFTED VEGAN 4-BAR SOAP SET "Lemon Drop", "Into the Woods", "Frenchy Clay" & "S.F. Bay Rum"

NEW! A set of 4 delightfully scented cakes of handcrafted soap. Treat your senses! All four are deliciously luxurious and lather nicely to nourish & moisturize your skin! Reg Price: $39.00 Set of 4 bars is $36.00



Awakening's 2 Best Selling products -- 3.4oz airless pumps of Awakening HANDS and Awakening FEET. Reg $40.50 Special $39.00

Awakening FEET+ Awakening BODY + Awakening Little HANDS

A nice assortment of Awakening's mineral-rich products for the health of hands, feet and body! $60.00

SCALP TREATMENT SET FOR MEN 453gr/16oz + 50ml/1.75oz jar Set

The principle behind our patented SeaAwakening scalp products is: Healthy Scalp/Healthy Hair -- if the scalp is healthy, then the hair will be healthy.     Especially formulated for fthe needs of the male scalp, this special masque imparts natural magnesium to the tissue of the scalp, exfoliates dead skin cells, extracts sebum from the pores, and improves blood circulation in the outer layers of the dermis.  Reg. $76.99. Promotional Price for Set $73.14.


Our famous "Cowboy Special" back by popular demand -- only twice the quantity this time! Twin 100ml airless pumps of each Awakening HANDS and Awakening FEET -- A total of 4 airless pumps. Reg $81.00 Special $79.00

Awakening FACE&Neck + Awakening BODY Combo

Two of Awakening's most wonderful products for skin health — Elegant FACE&Neck and health-giving Awakening BODY Cream. Set Price $80.70

100ml/3.4oz FEET 6-PACK

Six 100ml/3.4oz airless pumps of the original Awakening FEET magnesium-rich foot cream with arnica. Athletes in professional sports swear by this balm! So do world travelers. Reg. $106.62. Special Price $105.00

Grand Slam: FACE&Neck, FEET, HANDS & BODY

The Perfect Awakening Gift Set: Awakening FACE&Neck, Awakening BODY, Awakening HANDS 100ml and Awakening FEET Reg price: $125.50 Special: $119.23

100ml/3.4oz HANDS 6-PACK

Six 100ml/3.4oz airless pumps of the original Awakening HANDS magnesium-rich hand cream with myrrh.  Absolutely this is Awakening's best-selling product.  Reg $135.00   Special $133.00

250ml/8.45oz PUMP BODY 6-PACK

Six 250ml/8.45oz PUMP bottles of our magnesium-rich BODY therapy cream. A wonderfully light, though nourishing mineral body lotion with a subtle aroma of lavender, ylang ylang, citris and the Rose of Sharon.! $148.00

50ml/1.75oz FACE&Neck 3-PACK

A Gift Set 3-Pack of Awakening's exquisitely emollient anti-oxidant cream -- Awakening FACE&Neck. Reg. $180.00 . Sale price: $171.00