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HANDS Magnesium-rich Hydrating Hand Therapy Cream, 8.45oz/250ml Pump Bottle (Aroma of Ginger, Cinnamon & Myrrh) HANDS Magnesium-rich Hydrating Hand Therapy Cream, 8.45oz/250ml Pump Bottle (Aroma of Ginger, Cinnamon & Myrrh)

Awakening's most popular product in Awakening's second most popular size! Healing magnesium & hydrating potassium with subtle aroma blend of ginger, cinnamon & myrrh. 8.45oz pump bottle. Reg. Price $43.00 Special $42.00

100ml/3.38oz BODY 6-PACK 100ml/3.38oz BODY 6-PACK

Six 100ml/3.38oz airless pump bottles of our magnesium-rich BODY therapy cream. A wonderfully light, though nourishing mineral body lotion with a subtle aroma of ginger, cinnamon & myrrh! Reg $150.90 6-Pak Special $137.00

100ml/3.4oz HANDS 6-PACK 100ml/3.4oz HANDS 6-PACK

Six 100ml/3.4oz airless pumps of the original Awakening HANDS magnesium-rich hand cream with myrrh.  Absolutely this is Awakening's best-selling product.  Reg $150.90   Special $145.00

250ml/8.45oz PUMP HANDS 6-PACK 250ml/8.45oz PUMP HANDS 6-PACK

Six 250ml/8.45oz PUMP bottles of our magnesium-rich HANDS therapy cream. The gift that most likely will get you canonized as a saint by any gift recipient who works with his or her hands! Reg. $258.00 . Set Price $252.00

Grand Slam: FACE&Neck, FEET, HANDS & BODY Grand Slam: FACE&Neck, FEET, HANDS & BODY

The Perfect Awakening Gift Set: Awakening FACE&Neck, Awakening BODY, Awakening HANDS 100ml and Awakening FEET Reg price: $135.45. Special: $131.00

50ml/1.75oz FACE&Neck 3-PACK 50ml/1.75oz FACE&Neck 3-PACK

A Gift Set 3-Pack of Awakening's exquisitely emollient anti-oxidant cream -- Awakening FACE&Neck. Reg. $180.00 . Sale price: $176.00

Natural Mineral Therapies for Healthy Skin

Awakening Mineral Skincare products are formulated with natural ingredients isolated from the Dead Sea using our proprietary Mineral Hydration Factor™ (MHF) technology. We use the most concentrated, highest quality Dead Sea minerals to create Awakening's remarkable creams and lotions with exceptional healing and hydrating properties, yet without a trace of greasiness. Individually selected, bio-sourced botanical ingredients and essential oils define each product.

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