More than 25 years ago, it was hard to find lotions, creams or balms that really did something to benefit the health of your skin. We set out to create products that truly promote healthy skin without a sticky, slimy or greasy residue.

When we decided to go into the skin care business, we figured that we should do it right. Our products would be free of sticky, slimy or greasy residue and we would create vegan, cruelty-free products.

When we were forming Awakening Mineral Skin Care, we also decided to be all natural and concentrate on one or more minerals that were healing for skin. Magnesium, a natural anti-allergen, turned out to be our hallmark ingredient. We decided to source our magnesium from the one place with the most concentrated minerals on earth, the Dead Sea.

Then came the decision about whether to be scented or unscented. 'Scented' won out, simply because certain natural ingredients that we wanted to use for their healing efficacy on skin also happened to have aromas. For example: Myrrh, ginger, cinnamon, lavender and lemongrass. Fortunately, we found ways to make our aromas 'evanescent' - a wonderful word that means something gracefully fading away to nothing. Our subtle aromas typically have faded almost entirely within only a few minutes following application. And we found ways to make our products' textures equally evanescent - creams that, once applied, would disappear rapidly into the skin tissue leaving no more than a beautiful silky smoothness when touched. Lastly, we added botanical extracts such as yerba maté, arnica montaña and narcissus tazetta (the biblical Rose of Sharon), each with its own healing attributes.

Our Awakening family isn't particularly large.

Rob Hardwicke, co-founder of the company along with brothers Bob and Marty Fischer, has been president and full-time instigator for decades (along with his spouse, Maryann, who's hand-labeled a gazillion Awakening products!).

Suzanne Layden (plus Pippin, our company Norwich terrier) have kept our customer service, webstore and accounting systems running smoothly.

Tim Alexander (aka "TJoe") is the mellifluous, calm voice of our inside sales force.

Jean-Yves Slon, an accomplished jazz musician by night, remains preoccupied with production matters by day, and, last but absolutely not least

Shlomi Soloman, Awakening's gifted chemist at the company's tiny, boutique 'kitchen' lab in Israel

Awakening is a California corporation (officially known as "Olim Industries of Israel – North America, Ltd.") located in the counter-culture hamlet of Canyon, CA (population 250), tucked away - some would say "invisible' - in a canyon of redwood trees near San Francisco.

Awakening now enjoys the enthusiastic support of thousands of consumers and retailers (just read some of the customer reviews for Awakening at our own website,, or at - we couldn't have made up comments as wholeheartedly supportive about what our products do for skin, how committed our customers are to the Awakening brand, or such things as "…the customer service you provided is second to none")!

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