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Benefits of the Dead Sea
The benefits of Dead Sea mineral salts have been well known since ancient times. Perhaps the most famous visitor to the "World’s Oldest Spa" was Cleopatra, who with her husband Herod the Great frequented the Dead sea for the restorative properties its minerals and mud. Today, hundreds of scientific studies have proven that the Dead Sea benefits extolled by the ancients are quite real. A wide variety of medical conditions affecting different parts of the body are relieved by mineral-rich Dead Sea salt, perhaps because the minerals found in the Dead Sea are essential to human life itself. Circulation, metabolism, and relaxation are all supported by Dead Sea minerals, and conditions as various as arthritis, fatigue, migraines, dandruff and eczema have all been shown to benefit from treatment with Dead Sea mineral products. Furthermore, these minerals are the foundation of intelligent skin care, because they so perfectly maintain skin moisture levels, nourish skin cells, and provide the skin with natural, anti-allergenic protection.

Now it is possible to experience the benefits of Dead Sea minerals with every Awakening product. Our formula emphasizes a unique symbiosis between magnesium and potassium, two key Dead Sea minerals that together provide a healing and protective experience for the skin that is unparalleled. In fact, if you don't agree that the Dead Sea benefits you enjoy from our products surpass your highest expectations for any Dead Sea skin care products, we will happily refund your full investment.