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Many people use Dead Sea anti-aging skin care products because as we age, our skin begins to lose its ability to retain moisture and withstand the environmental damage it confronts on a daily basis. And while wrinkles are a normal part of aging, Dead Sea anti-aging skin cream has been shown to return skin's natural elasticity and moisture levels, and can significantly reduce wrinkle depth. Dead Sea products should therefore be an integral part of your anti-aging skin care regimen.

The most important minerals for skin care, potassium and magnesium, are also crucial components of many of the body's functions. Potassium is necessary for muscle tone and nerve function, and magnesium is present in hundreds of key biochemical processes in the human body. That's why mineral supplements that include potassium and magnesium are strongly recommended as a part of any sound anti-aging, longevity-minded health regimen.

Unfortunately, many anti-aging skin creams are merely surface treatments that don't activate cellular regeneration or facilitate the skin's natural self-moisturizing capacities. The great advantage of using a Dead Sea anti-aging skin cream is that it actually provides your skin with the cellular building blocks it needs to replenish, revitalize, and restore youthful suppleness and moisture levels. Although Dead Sea anti-aging skin care products cannot replace the use of mineral supplements, a high-quality Dead Sea mineral anti aging cream is nonetheless a significant line of defense against wrinkles and aging that can keep your skin youthful and glowing for many years to come.

"At 99, I delight in a nearly wrinkle-free complexion. Thank you, Awakening, for helping to keep it that way." — M.H., Santa Cruz, CA