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Dermatitis is a general term that can include many types of skin rashes, skin problems, and general skin conditions. Most people know that the "derma" part refers to skin. The "itis" (like with "tonsillitis" or "tendonitis") simply refers to inflammation. So essentially, dermatitis is any inflammation of the skin. If you have red, swollen, sore, itchy, even blistered skin that is an irritation caused by an external agent, then you have dermatitis. Contact dermatitis puts a somewhat finer point on it. Contact dermatitis can be allergic in nature (think poison ivy) or irritant-based (think bleach). In either case, contact with an external agent causes a reaction that can result in itchy skin, blistered or cracked skin, and sore and painful skin. What most people refer to as a skin rash is allergic contact dermatitis.

The Dead Sea is rich in mineral salts and mud that have been shown to be highly effective as dermatitis treatments. Awakening Dead Sea Skin Care products are all made with these pure Dead Sea minerals, guaranteeing a soothing dermatitis relief solution that is fast, effective and lasting.