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Dry Hands
If you work with your hands, you know how hard it can be to keep them moisturized and supple. Gardeners, equestrians, mechanics and carpenters (to name just a few) often suffer from rough, dry hands. Health care and food service professionals generally endure terribly dry, chapped hands from constant hand washing. And while there are effective solutions available, many people find that the slippery, greasy ingredients in these hand lotions make them far from ideal. After all, if you're a master carpenter, or dental hygienist, or horse trainer, you know your dexterity is crucial. You can't afford to lose your grip to slippery, tacky hand cream.

Most skin care products rely on ingredients like shea butter and mineral oils to fight dry hands. These are are good protective barriers (which is why they tend to stay on top of your skin), but they do not actually assist the skin in hydration. Awakening HANDS is a very different kind of skin care product. Our formula is based on essential Dead Sea minerals — the building blocks of human life — to transport moisture deep into skin cells, where they nourish, regenerate and actually heal dry hands. Best of all, it's ultra-potent — you only need a pearl-sized drop to heal dry hands and nourish dry cuticles. HANDS will absorb completely within 45 seconds of application, and because it penetrates beneath surface of your skin, it will last through several hand washings.