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Cuticle care is made up of two main components: moisturizing and grooming. You should never clip or cut your cuticles, but some cuticle grooming is necessary, because if you let your cuticles get overgrown, they can hamper nail growth. So for good cuticle care, use a cuticle remover and an emory board to maintain the proper amount of cuticle growth. These are simple to use and very effective. However, dryness is the most common cause of hangnails or shredded and cracked cuticles. Many people who use hand cream regularly fail adequately moisturize the cuticles, which can be accomplished by massaging a little extra cream into each cuticle.

The Dead Sea minerals in Awakening HANDS Dead Sea hand cream make it an essential part of a good Dead Sea cuticle care regimen. Magnesium is a powerful anti-allergenic and a vital element in many of the skin system's primary functions. Potassium ranks as the world's most powerful moisturizing agent — in fact, potassium is responsible for maintaining the body's internal moisture levels. If you're suffering from dry cuticles, ragged or shredded cuticles, or persistent hangnails, try Awakening HANDS Dead Sea hand cream. It is the best Dead Sea cuticle care product available anywhere. And using Awakening HANDS Dead Sea hand cream as a Dead Sea cuticle care solution has the added benefit of never leaving your hands, nails or cuticles greasy or tacky. The minerals in HANDS penetrate quickly and deeply to the cellular level, nourishing the skin cells responsible for healthy cuticles, and leaving your hands feeling like they're wrapped in silk.