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 Gardener's Hands
If a gardener's hands could talk, they'd tell a story of pricked fingers, calluses, rough patches and skin battered and beaten by the earth. Long days spent with those gardener's hands in soil, pruning rose bushes, and weeding demand that you find a gardeners' hand cream that can stand up to the abuse you so "lovingly" inflict on your gardener's hands.

At Awakening Dead Sea Skin Care, we have focused on perfecting a Dead Sea hand cream that's every bit as "serious" as our customers are about using their hands. Awakening HANDS is an award-winning gardener's hand cream that's been featured on ABC News and in several publications. We understand what people expect in a gardeners' hand cream, and there is simply nothing that soothes rough dry hands, eases the pain of cracked skin, and heals chapped red hands like Awakening Dead Sea Hand Cream.

Awakening HANDS features our Mineral Moisture Therapy™ formula which rapidly transports the healing power of Dead Sea minerals to your skin's cellular structure. It leaves those gardener's hands feeling silky and refreshed — never greasy. And if you don't agree with Holly Hayes that Awakening HANDS Dead Sea hand cream is absolutely the best gardeners hand cream you've ever experienced, we will cheerfully refund your money, no questions asked.

"Bare hands connect us both with the soil and plants of our garden. But this hands-on connection with the earth comes at a price: Rough hands and weathered skin. We turn to Awakening's products for the health of our skin. We been hooked on Awakening HANDS and SKIN since 2000!" — Erika & Vinny Flewelling