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Fungal Rashes
Fungal rashes are typically treated with medications created specifically to target the fungus involved. And although fungal rashes can be serious enough to warrant medical attention, good self care can help prevent fungal rashes from starting. Fungus requires moisture and warmth on the body to take root, so it is important to keep areas of the body that are prone to fungal rashes dry and cool. This can be challenging in hot, humid climates, but attentive daily care can be very effective.

The itching from athlete's foot and other common fungal rashes can often be soothed by using a concentrated Dead Sea mineral cream. Magnesium, which is present in higher quantities in Dead Sea mineral salts and Dead Sea mud than any other naturally occurring substance, is remarkably effective for soothing itchy skin that is common with athlete's foot and other fungal rashes. Dead Sea minerals have been shown to have anti-fungal properties, so a Dead Sea mineral cream makes an excellent preventive care regime for keeping fungal rashes at bay.

Using Awakening FEET Dead Sea foot cream can be an especially powerful for preventing fungal rashes. In addition to highly concentrated Dead Sea foot cream, FEET contains peppermint oil, which is another powerful natural anti-fungal agent.