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Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin ailment affecting more than 4 million Americans. With psoriasis, the normal skin cycle of approximately one month, during which skin cells reach maturity and then slough off, is reduced dramatically, causing the cells to accumulate on the skin's surface in scaly, itchy and even painful patches.

Because of its unique climate and abundance of soothing minerals, the Dead Sea has evolved into a major center for psoriasis treatment. At clinics there, patients undergo a strict regime of low UV sunlight exposure, bathing in the sea, and application of Dead Sea mud — which together form a Dead Sea psoriasis relief regimen that can have lasting effects. Not surprisingly, many psoriasis sufferers have found that a good dead sea mineral cream is among the best psoriasis relief products available. And they're 100% natural, so they tend to be a popular choice among people seeking alternative psoriasis treatments.

Lifestyle is also an important factor. Eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruit and taking a supplement with fish and evening primrose oil are recommended to support the healthy regeneration of skin, hair and nails. Stress is also one of the well-known psoriasis triggers. As many as 80% of psoriasis patients have stress-related symptoms. So as with skin conditions like teen acne and adult acne, it's important to get adequate rest and exercise, proper nutrition, and to find ways to relax so that your body's natural defenses will be at their peak.

Many of the ingredients in Awakening Mineral Skin Care products have been shown to soothe psoriasis symptoms. Aside from the powerful anti-itch properties of the minerals themselves, botanical ingredients like aloe vera and tea tree oil have both been shown to relieve psoriasis symptoms dramatically. Many of our customers who suffer from psoriasis have found Awakening SKIN to be a soothing alternative to greasy, overly perfumed skin lotions.