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Skin Rashes
There are many types of skin rashes, and just about everyone will experience at least one or two during their lives. Certain climates can contribute to skin rashes: in wet areas, fungal skin rashes are more common and can be challenging to treat; in colder climates, many people struggle with sensitive dry skin. Of course, rural residents are far more likely to encounter poison ivy and weed rashes than city dwellers, although urban folks will get their fare share of allergic skin rashes, because of the preponderance of pollution and chemicals in those places. And of course, many skin rashes are due to one's own personal constitution; for example, contact dermatitis is an allergic reaction to a material that comes in contact with the skin, although what sets off an allergic skin reaction in one person won't necessarily affect another.

Many people with very troublesome, itchy skin rashes like eczema, psoriasis, or poison ivy have found enormous relief from the unique mineral content of Dead Sea salts and Dead Sea mud. In fact, Dead Sea minerals have been shown to be a powerful anti-itch remedy for skin rashes. The Dead Sea is the world's oldest health resort, and has been known for millennia to be the source of healing and restorative ingredients. In our times, the Dead Sea has become its own Mecca for people seeking relief from skin rashes, because of the undeniable healing power of its minerals and mud. Awakening Mineral Skin Care products are built on a foundation of Dead Sea minerals that can be extremely helpful and soothing for those who suffer from a variety of skin rashes, and we are pleased to report that many people have found lasting relief from their skin rashes using our unique mineral skin care products. Read our testimonials.

"That night he tried [Awakening Hands] on our son who has eczema. We have tried several products including very expensive prescription creams. To our surprise in only a couple of days the eczema had completely disappeared!" — Diane Hogan Read more...