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Cracked Heels
Cracked heels can be a painful, ongoing problem. Research has shown that many foot-related problems, including cracked heels, can be difficult to resolve, because the feet are the most used part of the body. Many people who suffer from sore feet and cracked heels work on their feet all day, and understand this all too well. But cracked heels can develop over time even for people who do not spend a lot of time on their feet. A combination of dry skin, calluses and certain kinds of footwear, like rubber sandals, can do a great deal of damage to the heels, creating deep heel fissures and cracks that may be very resistant to healing.

Awakening FEET is a Dead Sea foot cream unlike any other on the market. A unique combination of healing minerals, soothing plant ingredients, and a formula that soaks into the skin quickly and does not remain greasy, Awakening FEET has been shown to soothe and support healthy skin on the feet and heels even among people with very deep fissures and cracked heels. If you are suffering from painful cracked heels, you will be amazed at how different Awakening FEET Dead Sea foot cream is from the other mineral foot creams products you may have tried. If you're not completely amazed at how well Awakening FEET assists in healing your cracked heels, we will be happy to refund your money, no questions asked.

"A couple of days later while talking to my mother, she was telling me that my grandmother's feet were dry and split, so I told her to try Awakening. My mother called back in a few days and said that grandma's feet were soft and had healed quite nicely." — Diane Hogan Read more...