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Sunburn remedies that provide relief from the pain and discomfort of sunburn are generally best accomplished by a combination of three things. First, stay cool: take a cool shower or bath, or apply cold compresses to the affected areas. Second, if the sunburn is bad enough to produce fever and chills, take ibuprofen or aspirin. These can be helpful in alleviating the pain. Finally, use a high-quality Dead Sea mineral cream, which will soothe the skin and nourish skin cells to assist in healing.

Of course there are instances of severe sunburn that require medical care. If you have blistering and/or scabs as a result of sunburn, you should get the advice of a doctor or dermatologist. However, for most cases of sunburn, all that is needed is a good self care.

When choosing a sunburn relief cream, it is important to make sure you're getting something that will do more than just coat the skin. Awakening Dead Sea Skin Care and Mineral Therapy goes beyond a mere coverup, and provides your skin cells with a rapid infusion of healing minerals, called the Mineral Moisture Factor™ — the most advanced healing mineral therapy available anywhere. Awakening Sun penetrates quickly and deeply to the cellular level, while providing unparalleled cooling and soothing for sunburned skin. Best of all, SKIN has an SPF 12 rating, to keep the sun's harmful UV rays at bay while you heal.