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Awakening Customer Testimonials

"Awakening's SeaAwakening is a revelation!"

Awakenings SeaAwakening is a revelation! It both soothes and invigorates my scalp. I just apply, wait five minutes and jump in the shower to wash it off. After use, my hair feels so full and healthy. I've never used any product like it!

I also just want to say how wonderful the Awakening company is to its customers. And, as I love their commitment to ethical, green practices. It is wonderful to find a company that produces exceptional quality vegan products. I love you Awakening!

Thanks! Please keep making your wonderful products!

Heather Lee -- Walnut Creek CA

"Love your products!"

"Love your products! The only lotion that has helped my hands and cuticles!"D.R. -- Albuquerque, NM

"I will let everyone know just how great you guys are to your customers"

"I love your company. It's been a long time since I have felt a company actually cares about their customers and your company does. I try to push your products on everyone I know — they are the best. Now I will let everyone know just how great you guys are to your customers. You rock!"— CC - Chicago Heights, IL

I love the FACE&NECK product.

I've never had a face lotion with such amazing absorption into my skin, without any greasy or heavy feeling. I am very hooked on it and have spread the word about it.—L.T., Huntington Beach, CA

Face & Neck is a fantastic product that, on a scale of 1-10, deserves at least a 15.

I actually have fun telling people my age right now and watching their reaction. I've been blessed with good genes, but motorcycle riding can also add some 'weathering' to a face. Just this past week-end at a bike event a few of us were talking age, and I revealed I was days away from turning 61. I heard a chorus of "No way!," "What??? Nah..." and "you look ree-aally good." I believe I owe those compliments to Face and Neck which I've used faithfully. I love the way it IS absorbed into my skin. In the winter I love the feeling thaht my skin is being nourished, and in summer I love the fact that there's no grease or film to clog pores. I swear that after I started using it, I saw wrinkles soften. I have already recommended your products and also given samples as gifts.—M.S., Zelienople, PA

It's Wonderful

It’s wonderful to have a product like FACE&NECK that works and is not cruel. I’m one of those people that no matter how good a product might be, if it’s tested on animals I won’t try it. I use the hand lotion all the time and carry a small one with me. I’m a horse and outdoor enthusiasts so my hands and skin take a beating. I’m not fond of greasy or sticky and your products are neither. Some lotions make my skin feel like it’s wrapped in plastic – not Awakening.—P.V., Hanford, CA

I love the feel of FACE&NECK

I love the feel of FACE&NECK, it makes my face feel very soft. I tell people it's "dessert for my face". Also, I struggle with a few patches of eczema sporadically on the bridge of my nose and near my eyebrows and the Face&Neck cleared it up and keeps it under control. (As a side note to that, a few months ago, I broke out in a red rash all over my skin that my doctor diagnosed as eczema. I did not feel comfortable using the steroid creams, especially on spots that had broken open. I remembered the testimonial about your products helping with eczema and my own success with it with Face&Neck, so I used Awakening Body and Deep Tissue Massage and it really seemed to help clear up the spots. For the most sensitive spots that had broken open on my chest, I used the Face&Neck sparingly and it really did help)— S.U., Edgewater, FL

"Healed our son's eczema"

"I have always been of the assumption that all hand creams are about the same. Until one day I walked in to our local tack shop and stopped to read the label of Awakening Hands. Since I was almost out of the hand cream in my purse decided to give it a try.

First my husband, who works in construction, asked if he could use my hand cream. He was instantly impressed with how soft his hands were after using this product. That night he tried it on our son who has eczema. We have tried several products including very expensive prescription creams. To our surprise in only a couple of days the eczema had completely disappeared! Then my mother was telling me that my grandmother's feet were dry and split so I told her to try Awakening Hands. My mother called back in a few days and said that grandma's feet were soft and had healed quite nicely.

Since that first day of bringing home Awakening Hands, we have converted all members of our immediate family and some of our extended family. We are all amazed with this wonder cream and will continue to spread the word. The ONLY disappointing thing is that it isn't in more stores around us!"— Diane Hogan

"Gardener's delight"

"Bare hands connect us both with the soil and plants of our garden. But this hands-on connection with the earth comes at a price: Rough hands and weathered skin. We turn to Awakening's natural mineral-rich products for the health of our skin. We've been hooked on Awakening HANDS and SKIN since 2000 and love them!"— Erika & Vinny Flewelling

"Soothing gratitude"

"I have been purchasing your products for over a year now since a friend introduced me to Awakening HANDS. I have told numerous friends about your lotion as well. Currently my son is going through Chemotherapy and the nurses are constantly washing their hands and we got talking about hand lotions (we spend a lot of time together!). I gave 2 of the nurses a tube and they are hooked! For Christmas, I was planning to bring a basket of lotions to the office for the nurses and staff members and tell them I hope to soothe their hands as they have lovingly soothed our son!"— Michelle Gassaway, Charlotte, NC

"Nurse's best friend"

"My hands are subjected to harsh chemicals and frequent scrubbing as a wound care nurse. Patients always look at my hands. If they are cracked, reddened, or rough; it can be a possible source of infection. I don't like the residue many other products leave behind, especially when I re-wash my hands and they become slimy. Your products work the best I've tried. I no longer suffer from split fingertips and roughened skin."— Amy Haney

"A Loyal fan"

"Since I first discovered your product (on vacation about 3 years ago at a little gift shop in Lake Tahoe) I have been a huge fan. I first tried Hands and since then have exposed family and friends to this awesome product by giving it as a gift....they all love it! Since then I have also tried some of your other products, as well.....Feet, MudFace, and Skin.....they are all wonderful! It is a pleasure to deal with a company that holds a high standard for itself, both in the quality of their product as well as in how they deal with their customers. Thank you! A loyal fan and customer."— Linda Christoph

"Bad acne - perfect product"

"Thank you for making MUDFACE. I have very bad acne and it's rare to find a mask that really makes a difference. MUDFACE is very effective, all natural, and very affordable (I use it 5-6 times a week so I go through it pretty quickly). I think you have made the perfect product :) Thank you!"— Caitlin N.

"The only thing that works"

"I am a great fan of yours. I started buying your products in CA., have since moved to Ohio, and finally found you again (looked on the empty bottle for your web page!) I have a horse boarding and breeding stable and your lotion is the only product that works to keep my hands feeling human. Thanks again for great products."— Lin Packard

"No more breakouts"

"I have very acne prone and oily skin. I have already been using a little bit of Awakening cream on my face. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't make me break-out! And it feels better around the eyes than any eye cream I have every used!"— Felicia

"Like a professional manicure"

"1 Drop and I have new hands! They look like I've had a professional manicure."— Diane Sivcek

"First foot cream I've ever recommended"

"I have purchased numerous lotions and creams in the past, and found them satisfactory, but nothing out of the ordinary . . . until Awakening. Not only do I like the eventual feel of my skin (silky would be the word I'd use) after using them, but am so happy at how quickly they absorb, especially when using the "SKIN" lotion on my legs during this very hot summer. As to lotions for feet, I generally will use creams just before bed. I hate doing this because I hate wearing socks to bed. The nice thing about Awakening "FEET" is that it absorbs so quickly that I can take the socks off shortly after getting into bed without fear of soiling my bed linens. This is the first time I have used a foot cream that I would recommend. Please extend my appreciation and congratulations to your colleagues for pulling together Awakenings, and for being so responsive to customer satisfaction. I look forward to using your products and recommending them."— Denise Skinner

"Stop the presses!"

"Stop the presses, this is the best @#$%* hand cream EVER. I'm hooked and now that I have found your online store I never have to be without again....Kudos for a great product!"— Jacqueline M. Ostendorf

"Doesn't brag enough!"

"Rob, I brag on your product and business all the time. But I do not brag enough! You are a rare and wonderful fellow in a rare and wonderful company. Thank you so much."— Sharon Shaw

"No more sandpaper hands"

"Thanks, I received my packages right away and they are terrific! I'm sharing with everyone else who could practically sand wooden boards with their bare hands this winter, and everyone loves it, you will have new customers."— Pat McCabe