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Serious skin care for horse enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. Our ultra-potent MINERALmoisture therapy has high concentrations of potassium and magnesium to moisturize and heal hard-working hands. Long-lasting and never greasy or sticky, so it won't mar saddles or togs.

Al Dunning has served as a national leader in the horse industry for over 30 years, and Al and his students have garnered twenty-one World equestrian titles. In 2005, Al received the “Spirit of Community Award” from the Scottsdale Charros for his contribution to “HorseSense,” an innovative horse program for children. In 1996, Al was named American Quarter Horse Association Professional Horseman of the Year.

Since 1970, Al has owned and operated Almosta Ranch, a Quarter Horse training facility in Scottsdale, Arizona. Al leads a non-stop, rugged, outdoor life with lots of hard work and serious exposure to the elements. Since 2005, Al has been an avid user of Awakening’s MINERALmoisture products for skin health.