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"Life is Leather and Bikes. Both are murder on my hands. Awakening Hands Heals. No fingerprints. No slime. No S#!%"
— H.D. "Bear" Schurr, Bears Custom Leathers, 2001

Outlaw bikers endorsing skin care products!?? Yup.

Got a body part in need of help? If we don't have a product yet, we soon will! Coming up next: Awakening LIPS. Then Awakening T&A. All of this is natural, mineral-rich, cruelty-free, flat-out healing and Badass-tested!

Awakening makes no-nonsense stuff. No fru-fru girly stuff. No slimy, stinky stuff. Awakening products are simple to learn: HANDS is for hands, FEET is for feet, BODY is for body. Don't worry, you'll catch on.

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