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When it's our job to take care of others, sometimes its easy to forget to take care of ourselves.

That's why Awakening has developed skin treatment that works as hard as you do. We've tested our products with real nurses in the field and they all say the same thing: they love it.

Infused with healing minerals and moisturizing lotions, discover why our line of skin care products are like no other. Try the Easy Regimen for aching, abused feet? It works! Awakening FEET + Awakening HANDS. FEET dilates capillaries, soothes and heals. HANDS, when combined drop-for-drop with FEET, boosts the magnesium level to increase the dilation effect. Awakening guarantees your Full Satisfaction or your Money Back! Use your coupon code for the nursing 25% discount on all three!

Sore Feet


Sore, swollen feet? Calluses? FEET is serious skin care for health care workers. Our ultra-potent Mineral Moisture Therapy has high concentrations of potassium and magnesium to moisturize and heal feet.

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Dry Hands


Dry hands are a result of too much washing. Awakening's formulation of HANDS puts all the right nutrients back into your skin to replenish, heal and restore your most valued instruments.

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Rave Reviews

Original HANDS:

"I am a Nurse and am constantly washing my hands. They become so bad, my skin around my nails will open and bleed. ...as a Nurse, hand washing is a MUST! I could not believe how HANDS was non-oily and my hands were so soft. I have been hooked ever since."

Joselyn Santa Cruz, RN Burbank, CA

"I work in a doctor's office and I have to wash my hands dozens of times a day, and most hand lotions just washed right off. Others were so grease-based that my pen slipped out of my fingers. ... I know that as long as I have Awakening HANDS in my arsenal, winter is no longer the enemy!"

Kris Stanley, RN Wareham, MA


"There absolutely is no substitute for this heavenly gift for nurse's feet! Combined with the Awakening MUDFACE mud masque, my feet have never, ever been happier!"

Sarah McCartney, RN Chicago, IL